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This is a public forum for participating in Nillion education and research efforts. Exploring topics such as

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  • Encryption
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  • Education

Forum Features

1. LaTeX Equations
This forum supports LaTeX equations between
$dollar sign$. The default LaTeX style in the “Inline” style looks like \sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n , in text this is

$ \sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n $

However, if you start your equations with $$ on its own beginning and terminating line like

\sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n

It looks like this

\sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n

2. Graphviz diagrams
See the documentation for a list of examples to build your own graphs.

[graphviz engine=neato]
graph {
  a -- b;
  b -- c;
  a -- c;
  d -- c;
  e -- c;
  e -- a;
a a b b a--b c c a--c b--c d d d--c e e e--a e--c

3. Footnotes

Footnotes follow the syntax:

some deep thought who needs a reference[^1]

[^1]: Here's the reference.

It also supports both, single-line and multi-paragraph footnotes.

Example being:

We are our choices. [^sartre]

A lot of interesting words

He really said it. [^sartre]

[^sartre]: We are our choices.
Sartre, some time
some day
in the past

Using inline footnotes - not inline expansion, but the note itself. Like this:

More wise sayings ^[Neichzsche, or Einstein, or Bob Ross]

and then you get:

More wise sayings [1]

  1. Neichzsche, or Einstein, or something ↩︎