Vehicle to Everything network (V2X)

There has been a lot of work in the last few years to implement V2V and V2X(Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Everything) systems. This is some interesting technology and could prevent an immense amount of traffic accidents.

One risk is the security of the system… Can you imagine if bad actors hacked this and sent false info to other vehicles causing accidents and huge traffic issues in cities.

What if each vehicle had a version of a Nillion node to secure the data being transmitted between vehicles/traffic systems?

Reference Article

Reference article

I don’t see, how Nillion can protect the system from hackers. It is true, that with Nillion the data (location and destination of cars) is perfectly secure. So you cannot hack the system to track a specific car. But I do not see, how it prevents hackers from simulating cars in the system and wreaking havoc. Even if you say, that all cars in the system have a unique whitelisted ID. Than the hackers only need to buy/steal enough real cars and hack those in order to simulate a car.

Well, this can be your comment on Every single thread then… Because someone will find a way to hack every network, all in ways we never even thought of…

Securing what is in your control is the way, you will never secure 100% of any data network.

This is true. Front door attacks are possible in each system. Usually that means, that single participants are in danger (the ones that are hacked). Here many participants are in danger - in this case even a danger to their life - when even one participant is compromised. I just want to caution here, that for such a system it is vitally important to consider and try to prevent front door attacks.