Trustlessness Electoral System

We have seen time and time again this menacing democracy, fraud in elections.

We have two systems today, paper or digital vote.

Paper is laborious and don’t avoid fraud, needing too many human resources to avoid impersonation and miscounting.

Digital vote, although solve a lot of paper vote problems, it brings other issues, because until this day no system could guarantee anonymity or avoid data manipulation. Voting recount audit jeopardize anonymity or it gives possibility to data manipulation.

NMC could solve both problems. Impersonation, vote duplication could be easily solved through anonymous KYC’ed voters. Data manipulation would be impossible since each and every vote would be sent, processed, counted and received in anonymous but yet protected manner through NMC.

Each and every voter could check if vote was correct counted in through his own personal key, since his the dealer. Every vote could be public recounted, since the output wouldn’t link to the voter.

Also, all this could happen from his own device from anywhere, since transmission wouldn’t need encryption (encryption is obsolete with NMC) and would be impossible to be intercepted.

Nillion can be the birth of true Trustlessness Electoral System.

And although this technology could take years to be adopted by the governments. A Dapp Voting System could be rapidly adopted by the private sector.

DAOs could benefit enormously,from this by enabling individual voting power through anonymous KYC. Also this could be adopted by any real world orgazation in the private sector.

Trustlessness Electoral System could change the world as we know.


This can be a huge shift towards a trustless voting system. A provocative question would be, how many governments would be interested in a system, they can no longer cheat. And there is still the problem of social media manipulation with bots. Still a trustless voting system makes cheating a lot harder.


“A provocative question would be, how many governments would be interested in a system, they can no longer cheat”

straight to the point!

in short: almost none.

such a system would be the worst nightmare for many of these so called “democracies” (from someone who has to live in the EU) :wink:

But it could be the foundation of whatever comes after our so called democracies :rofl: