Secure, private chatting with TINAM

Let me introduce a use case for the Nillion network. TINAM - This Is Not Another Messanger

What is this use case all about?

Well in a sense it is simple. Nillion provides a way to transfer messages in an ITS manner. So it is only natural to think of a messenger based on Nillion. I mean just think of a headache we could be for any secret agency trying to figure out the conversations happening in Nillion :sweat_smile:

But I think a bit father as we can do computations in the network. It should be possible to have a sort of router inside Nillion. This enables us to not only obscure the message, but additionally the sender and recipient. The way it works is that each message is sent with a chat ID. The information which participants are in a certain chat is stored inside the Nillion network. Therefore the messenger is not only perfectly secure, but also incognito.

Is that all?

Well, if we leave it at that it would be just another messenger and it would compete with the likes of Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal. There is one thing that is missing in today’s communication. Unity. We use eMail, SMS, WhatsApp, Signal and further Reddit and even Twitter, Facebook and so on for communication.

Until now each of them has its own app, its own interface and even its own way of communication. TINAM solves that problem. Lets imagine Discord. Instead of servers you have sources (NilChat, Mail, WhatsApp, …). Each chat represents a contact (a mail address, a telephone number. the NilChat ID). And single conversations, for example, in Mails, can additionally be modeled as threads.

With this TINAM will have a user base simply for the ability to aggregate all communication platforms into one app. Then we can slowly entice them to use the NilChat.

What are the challenges?

  1. Implement a router inside the Nillion network.
  2. Implement an affordable broadcast inside Nillion. This would enable group chats.
  3. Compress the messages to the fullest to minimize the footprint needed.
  4. Think of a way to send pictures. Maybe scaling down and using AI to scale up again.

What do I need to get make this idea a reality?

An app designer. Someone good with viral marketing and a tester. I would like to discuss the idea here and perhaps find one or two to help me with this project. :wink:

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This is a very interesting idea and having a chat system that is entirely private utilizing NMC would be fascinating.

One of the challenges that I think you have missed here needs to be government intervention and regulation towards such products. But also looking more granular at this issue what about state laws being affected if operating within the US for example?

How would TINAM navigate around such issues?

Ok. This could be troublesome. I did not even know, that EU was planning something this stupid: EUR-Lex - 52022PC0209 - EN - EUR-Lex

There are three ways around that. Either the chat is only for non EU citizens or the algorithms necessaries to abide these laws need to be coded into the Nillion network, which could obsolete the “private” part of the equation. A thrid way would be to develop this chat anon, so that there is no “provider”. This is probably not possible, as first by writing this I would become a target and even if they cannot find me, Nillion would be considered the provider which is equally bad.

So much for private chats. But thanks for the hints. I did not think of that. :wink:

TINAM is still a cool idea, just not necessarily with the NilChat part ^^’

But can they really sue/target nillion. It’s merely a platform. You can’t “sue” the internet if someone makes an illegal website. But again I don’t know the legalities to which it would be subject.

Maybe, maybe not. At least they could demand Nillion to shut down the program(s) that handle TINAM. Well good luck with that. This will probably not work. If that fails they could demand a shutdown of the whole system. Good luck with that too. Especially at the point where there are anon full nodes this will be impossible too. If that fails they can still sue the developers of Nillion although this will be shaky at best.

In the end it would come to me, as I cannot release an Android app without doing a KYC first. So I cannot develop TINAM anon except if I do not use the app stores. In this case I would loose to much customers.

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