NilResearch: A decentralized application for worldwide health research!

What can you do with NilResearch?

  1. Store and Manage data

  2. Share data for research collaboration between scientists, research communitites und institutions

  3. Analyse and visualize data via statistical functions

  4. Manage current research projects

  5. Comment functions to add value to provided data/research papers

  6. Messenger functions for easy and instant real live communication between scientists

Nilresearch therefore will be designed in a way that it can be integrated seamlessly in existing legacy systems for research and healthcare systems.

NilResearch therefore adresses…

…medical researchers/research communities

…research institutions

…health care providers

…industry groups operating in the health/medical sector

What are the benefits the NilResearch dapp provides compared to legacy solutions?

It facilitates collaboration and data sharing among researchers worldwide. Research institutions and health care providers could securely store and manage data on the blockchain and easily share the data with other participants of the network they want. The stored data is nearly impossible to be hacked or compromised, so privacy and integrity of health research is enhanced. NilResearch will deliver win-win-situations for all participants eliminating data siloes and making worldwide research and collaboration faster as well as cheaper.

But why built on Nillion instead of using other common dlt solutions?

Nillion enables a huge amount of medical research data to be processed quickly and without delays offchain, even with a large number of network participants

It is through private smart contracts and the ability to privately store data in a quantum-proof manner that makes the use of public blockchains for the exchange or management of sensitive health data attractive to researchers, while giving scientists what they want: The opportunity for transparency while being able to preserve the integrity of sensitive data.

Nillion’s multichain approach allows the dapp to interact with other blockchain networks and platforms, greatly increasing the number of potential network participants and the amount of potential data.

$NILR, the token of NilResearch, serves as a utility token with different functions:

  • Only token Holders have access to the platform

  • Token rewards and incentives for users contributing data and resources within the dapp

  • Voting and governance: Token holders can vote on decisions regarding how the dapp and its functions evolve over time

  • Transaction fees

I am looking forward to start the development of NilResearch with the help of Nillion.

Best regards to the Nillion team.

Paul Berg#3895