NFT Gated Secure File Storage

What if Nillion could be the obfuscation layer to file storage gated by NFT’s.

Something like this.

You want to purchase a book, pdf, album etc… that needs to be gated behind an NFT. You want that digital copy to be on chain but also want it to be cryptographically hidden to prevent theft. Only people with the NFT will have access through this system.

Right now, this doesn’t exist. You can gate stuff through NFT access, but the files still live on a server somewhere that people can just download.

What if Nillion makes it possible to integrate into something like FileCoin that has on chain storage, but Nillion makes it possible to hide that storage so that you can’t get to the physical files or even re-assemble them without the key (NFT)

This would be a killer app scenario for all digital content.

In this case it would no longer be ITS. Because you can reconstruct the files by being a bad actor in the FileCoin ecosystem. Or do I miss the point here?

Perhaps in the current state of FileCoin that is true. But if we’re talking about projects that Nillion could integrate with and help, could it not help to integrate into something like FileCoin and make file storage secure?

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Perhaps. I’m not sure if we have an advantage vs. simply creating a web interface for Nillion, as this is something the network can do without any help. The only thing I could think of, where something like FileCoin can be helpful is the storage of particles, which can be done outside of the Nillion network.

It’s interesting the idea. But I think that Nillion doesn’t need to integrate with Filecoin as Nillion can store data ITS securely by itself, given an high enough number of nodes. But, disclaimer: I m not too familiar with the value proposition of Filecoin.
Anyway, I m still unsure about the data types Nillion can handle, but data is bytes 0 and 1 at the end I believe it could simply act as a background framework for a decentralised repository where access to certain elements is restricted by NFTs. I think it’s doable.

That’s why I was thinking it might need to integrate with some kind of storage at first. I’m not sure of the data types Nillion is able to support. If it can support file storage out of the box, then I don’t think it would need any kind of support.

However, as I understand it, it might not support this kind of file storage.

But the concept is still the same really. NFT gated assets that are secure on chain would be an amazing use case for all kinds of applications.

NFT gated websites
NFT gated sotrage
NFT gates documents
the list goes on…

It supports everything that can be converted to a number, which is basically everything as you can convert each byte to a number. The only problem I can think of is performance when it comes to unmasking big amounts of data, as the particles will have a constant size and therefore the data need to be split in chunks and each chunk downloaded and unmasked separately. But even an integration with filecoin would not solve that as you still need a truckload of blinding factors from Nillion network to unmask it. As far as my understanding of the network goes, huge amounts of data are not a good use case for it. For that you would need some kind of ITS encryption where the key is smaller than the data. But I assume that this is impossible - although I am not a security guy.:wink: