Monero (XMR) to be replaced/leveraged by Nillion?

I’m by no means tech savvy enough to answer this question myself, but on the face of it, it sure looks like Nillion at its core, would solve the privacy concerns that of which Monero and other privacy coins are battling. Would that be a correct assessment?

Or would Nillion be better suited to only leverage Monero as an underlying secure network?

Just read the Q&A from the website where it sure looks like Nillion does not intend to compete with Layer 1 solutions, rather Nillion aims to supercharge them. That in itself is super fascinating, hinting at the power of Nillion. “We could destroy everybody, but we choose to be friendly and help out instead”. Just wow.

Nillion would have trouble to make a blockchain. But it is possible to create a mixer type contract which is very difficult to track where coins are moved. So private transfers on ANY public network.