Metaverse use cases

I’d like to start this thread with a little bit of a disclaimer in regards to my expertise, or more accurately my lack there of. I have only been following the Crypto space closely for approximately 9 months. I do however have 30 years experience as a entrepreneur. It is in that context I write this thread and not from a technical point of view. I have been following Nillion for a few months, and find the technology amazing. I can also see many ways it could be adapted to solve problems both in the crypto space and the real world. Everyday I think of a new use or way Nillion could improve things that we all use day to day from communication, to medicine, to gaming and much, much more. So there are 2 projects that I have been following closely since my time in this space, where Nillion could be put to good use. The first one is a web 3 gaming project that aims at being chain agnostic. This is certainly not the only project looking at operating cross chain in the metaverse. There are also a number of DEFI projects doing similar things. As I’m sure a lot of you would aware, there are already a number of cases where this use of cross chain has been exploited. I believe this would be an ideal use of Nillion’s intention to work as a Meta layer, allowing transactions, including cross chain minting to be done in a secure fashion as well as virtually instantaneously. It would also provide a greater security for in game assests, that may not be able to be stored in your own hot/cold wallet.
Another project have been following aims to provide a real time exchange between various major tokens as well as various fiats. The slowness of blockchain technology is probably the biggest drawback to mass adoption of crypto currencies. Again using Nillion as an overlay would be a perfect solution, to both speed and security.


Cool. This idea is kinda obvious and I did not think of it. Nillion provides cross-chain operations which are by definition unhackable. The only difficulty I see is traceabbility. Transactions routed through Nillion are designed to be untraceable. So you would need to build some kind of tracing around it.

That’s a good point regarding the traceability Luciferius, I hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps some sort of a marker could be attached where someone actually wanted there message/information etc traced to maintain ownership rights.

Hi, blockchain agnostic gaming platform Xaya is doing just that and they re being doining it since 2013 as they invented PLay 2 Earn (Huntercoin). I am saying this as to say that cross-chain gaming assets operations exist and as Nillion, Xaya X is a meta layer that is build Open Source on top of any blockchain, therefore blockch. agnostic. I just wanted to throw that here maybe you are interested in this topic. Thx for posting!

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It is certainly doable. It just needs to be considered in an implementation.

Thanks for the information. I think the idea here goes beyond just gaming. The idea here would be to have something like an unhackable layer 0 for all blockchains. You could implement chain agnostic games on top of it, but also bridges, cross chain interactions, …

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