KaaS idea

Hey guys!

First of all, forgive me if something doesn’t make sense. Although I consider myself a technical person and even know some code, I’m not a builder and my understanding of the technical details of Nillion is limited.

So… I was in this telegram group of users affected by a scam, trying to help out the admins with some tasks. They are taking different legal actions to try to get some compensation for the victims. However, there is this whole atmosphere of distrust caused by the betrayal people just experienced, which takes time to recover from.

Within this context, even just getting people to join the movement is hard. Imagine asking people to trust you with IDs and other personal data, which are necessary for legal reasons, in this situation… Plus, the actions involve going after high profile targets, so reasonably, many people would like to stay anonymous to avoid any possible retaliation.

Then it hit me! I think Nillion could really help in this kind of situation! I’m thinking about something I called KaaS, as in “KYC-as-a-Service”. It would be awesome if there was an easy-to-use tool (like a kind of Google Forms, for instance) powered by Nillion that offered such groups the possibility of doing KYC and verify everyone’s identity, without actually having access to those documents themselves. This would reassure anyone who’d be willing to join but was having trust issues with the organization. This would also reassure anyone who was simply too scared of a possible retaliation, since it would make impossible any leaks and no one would ever know their identity.

Like I said, I’m not sure how this would be implemented, if it would be a dapp or something else, but from what I gathered about Nillion, it seems like it’s the perfect use case. What do you guys think? Any corrections/feedback would be appreciated, even if it’s just to understand Nillion a bit better. Thanks!


This is definetly interesting! You can find more information in Nillion WP at page 42 and it has been title as “Phase 1: The Fort Knox of the Metaverse”. Forget about the metaverse here, what Nillion provide is particularization of private keys and documents that get uploaded into its network and provide what is called ITS (Information Theoretic Security, check here in the most recent Nillion YouTube video), unconditionally security which is not dependent on computing power (aka, no matter what the power you have, like quantum computers, the encryption is unbreakable). This will touch exactly the points u raised! It can be implemented and I also believe it is the core selling point of Nillion at my stage of understanding. Cheers

Hey, thanks for your comment @nickx . Yeah, I’ve been here for a little while and already read the WP, I’m aware of all the things you mentioned (although I don’t fully grasp them all). Even went ahead and wrote my own Twitter thread to try to explain it in simple terms! :sweat_smile: Just not sure if I was missing something when I thought about this. But thanks for confirming this is exactly what Nillion could help with!