Migraine is the second most disabling disease worldwide. There is no cure. Like a heart attack, the best approach is prevention, but the medical system primarily responds to occurrences. The inability to compile and analyze complex information limits patient-doctor effectiveness and leaves sufferers to prevent migraine attacks without insight, direction, or support.

Health info is fragmented across EHR’s, patient journals, and apps. Hospitals, clinics, and centralized servers own most of the patient information. Lifestyle data such as diet, sleep, and mental health is mainly uncaptured. No tech exists to compile, analyze, and utilize insights. There is a major data problem.

Our IP compiles and processes health and lifestyle data to identify root cause and create a personalized care plan targeted at mitigation. The patient and provider receive insights, and the digital therapeutic facilitates behavioral modification to decrease or eliminate migraine and uneccesary treatments to improve quality of life and reduce cost. We harness the power of patient data for the benefit of the individual, clinicians, and the health care system overall.

Head Health can partner with Nillion in several ways. The two clear cases stand out in Phase I and Phase III.

As a Head Health user onboards to the platform, they will import EHR data from medical providers and health and lifestyle data via API, along with continually feeding passive data into their profile. The company can run a Nillion node to implement Phase I data encryption technology, allowing our users to safely and securely store their sensitive data. In the future, the user can utilize Nillion when their health profile info moves on-chain.

Things can get very interesting as Nillion is in Phase III. Head Health will compile large amounts of data that will benefit health demographics, clinical studies, drug discovery, and other uses. The Universal Secure Processing Layer will allow several organizations to harness this data’s power while maintaining user sovereignty and confidentiality over their information.


I love Big Data, I think if Nillion can make their point in being unbreakable, personal data (Big Data when collected with apps, wearables, dapps) anonymous collection will become a major selling point and breaktrough. Question there for you: what about a Nillion-based data repository (aka NilHub ?) of anonimous massive data available Open SOurce to the community for research? Massive

Sounds promising. Making the wealth of privately held data openly accessible would allow endless insights and breakthroughs across all industries. This would certainly be within the spirit of blockchain. Good post @nickx

But big data is BIG data. Meaning it would probably inefficient to use Nillion to store the data. But what is possible is to anonymize (is that a word?) and aggregate the data inside Nillion and store only the anonymous data points outside. So I think a good use case is preprocessing the data with the highest possible privacy.

You’re right, and big data is only getting bigger with better collection technology. This is a good topic for further exploration. If I understand correctly Phase III tech solves this to degree. It will be more on organizations to adopt the tech.