Cross chain bridge

Alright, so who’s been thoroughly annoyed by bridges?
Think of this, a dex aggregator cross-chain bridge with stable pools on either chains, securely communicating with each other through the nillion network.
So say I want to convert dogelon from eth to ElonGate on polygon. the dogeelon gets converted to a stable from a dex like uniswap, it is then transferred to a pool on that same chain. that amount of the stable is then taken from another pool on polygon, and is then converted through bogged, all whilst retaining the safety of the nillion network. I’m don’t fully understand how any of it works, but it should prevent all the hacks that have been going on recently(again not sure).
Would love to hear some more experienced opinions though…

This is definitely one of the big strength Nillion can provide to the blockchains. Having an unhackable communication network. And more than that in order to release the funds in the target chain you would have to start a new transaction. This requires a private key of the target chain pool wallet. This was often the weak spot which could be hacked. With Nillion the private key lies securely inside the network and transactions are directly signed inside the network so only the signed transaction is reconstructed at the end.

There is still the possibility of a denial of service attack for the result node. If the result node was hacked, the attacker could block all signed transactions. But thats it. So no funds will get lost. This is only a bit annoying at best.