Automated + private smart contracts on Ethereum

I was thinking that a platform that could automate making private smart contracts using Nillion on (public) Ethereum would be really good to see. It would basically be a service that makes creating and using private versions of existing smart contracts a lot easier, that hard parts of which Nillion solved.
For example for Aave, you could point the application to Aave’s smart contracts, and its parameters. You would make a UI for it, or even clone the frontend so that its all seemless. Maybe it could just be a wallet that abstracts it all away and there wouldn’t even be a need to host your own UI.
The creator of the private contract would get an NFT proving they made this integration, and people who use it would pay them a small amount of the protocols tokens after every use. The platform could also potentially allow people to team up and save on transaction fees if using mainnet Ethereum.
Of course, everyone can make their own private integrations using Nillion, but a service like this would make using it more a lot more convenient, widespread and usable. I feel like this is a use case that can be developed relatively easily, as it doesn’t require oracles for real world data, and makes use of a feature that is an essential part of Nillion.

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