A project that deserves attention - Nillion

A new project that is currently at an early stage.

This project is not exactly a blockchain. This is a new direction that makes it possible to process transactions very quickly due to the fact that it does not communicate with all nodes. And secondly, it has a well-known team. The project will have a token. Now there is a program of activities in the discord with roles, which are otherwise called “medals”. These medals can be received for content and for various activities.

As I wrote earlier, this is not a blockchain. This is a new technology. It is important enough to understand. But a simple example is as follows: we have a blockchain and its constant problem is that the data processing speed is insufficient. Why does this problem arise? Because all the nodes of this blockchain must communicate with each other. That is, each node must know what is happening in other nodes of this blockchain. In order for the majority of nodes to detect a fake transaction in the event of some unclear situation. And they are detected by the fact that all the others are synchronized and do not allow fraudsters to pass.

In the case of Nillion, we went the easy way out. The blocks that are formed are sent to the nodes and they are immediately confirmed there. You can also read the documentation that describes in detail the decentralization of this blockchain and why it works properly.

Site of the project - Link

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Project team.

P.S. The team includes very famous people, which means that the project is definitely worth your attention.


The project involves an investment of $20 million, which is a considerable sum. Тіer 1 there are no funds, but I think that as soon as the project starts to absorb more users, they will invest in it.

Also, CoinList itself tweeted that this project is worthy of attention.

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