USA 2008 Decision, Section 2 – The Triumphant Presidential Group

In a past article, USA 2008 Decision: the Nation’s Require a Pioneer, I analyzed the necessities and wants of the USA itself for the 2008 race. In this article I need to show how President Barack Obama, VP Joe Biden, and their administration group add to the necessities of the nation as of now ever. I recently outlined how the natal, advanced and diurnal diagram mirrored the present needs of the nation, the get that was conveyed for an individual to satisfy those necessities, the electorate carrying out their responsibility through their democratic procedure, and the seed planted the day of the race itself. Presently we will direct our concentration toward the men who have moved to the top and reinforcement presidential position and the cooperation that will carry out the responsibility the USA was looking for its present exercises and development. This article is written in English for non-celestial prophets and for soothsayers the same.

I should start with a snappy recap of the three outlines of the USA or the equalization of the article will have neither rhyme nor reason. For celestial prophets, I am utilizing the USA Virgo rising natal outline (July 4, 1776, 9:36 am LMT, Philadelphia, Dad), the movement for the 232nd year of our nation’s presence, and the day graph (diurnal) for Decision Day itself all utilizing the natal directions. Since this article is likewise coordinated toward non-stargazers, I have expelled the technical discussion and restricted myself to tight conjunctions and resistances as it were. There will consistently be “more” to peruse regardless of how profoundly you work, don’t hesitate to broaden the perusing.

The natal (birth) diagram mirrors the vitality example of that first snapshot of presence, the essential plan for such presence. In any case, we don’t stay a clear record for long. We develop, involvement and become and that is reflected in the advancing diagram, utilizing the year for a day technique. Consistently after birth comprises a year in the life of whatever is being diagrammed. Since the USA was 232 years of age right now of the 2008 decision, the advancing graph mirrors the 232nd year vitality design for the USA. The outline for the afternoon (diurnal) mirrors the vitality of the day itself, what it added to or initiated in both the USA natal and advanced diagrams. It additionally uncovers the seed that was planted on that day.

What called these two men to the administration, one who progressed toward becoming president indeed and one who is a half-advance behind and ready to step into that position on the off chance that it winds up fundamental? When both fought for that job and now they have introduced themselves as a group to help that job. Each man has an individual vitality example to contribute, in addition to the group itself has an individual vitality example to contribute. They have offered themselves in support of the nation separately and as a group. On the off chance that they are directly for the activity and for the need of the nation as of now, it ought to uncover itself through associations between the three nation outlines depicted and the three “individuals” graphs.

What was up for the nation around then? What sort of individual or ability was the nation chasing? Three essential vitality examples are at the center of the USA cosmetics, the Mercury/Pluto restriction, the situation of Neptune and the most grounded of all our Uranus/Aquarius/Moon vitality. They were all dynamic for the 2008 Race. I have to put in a couple of sentences setting this stage. In English please…

The advanced midheaven (current objectives, aspirations, achievements) at 24 Top 15 was actually inverse the USA natal Mercury setting off upsetting however amazing interchanges utilized for good or for sick and we saw that in full activity. It proceeds right up ’til the present time since it is as yet dynamic. The advancing midheaven (current objectives, desire, achievements) is pushing toward our worldwide or social connections (Hub), however in a way that expects us to concede any past abuses (South Hub) and to chip away at structure up new relationship aptitudes. Advanced (current) Mercury (correspondence, youth, grass roots) was spot on (conjunct) the USA Moon (the individuals, feelings, free and future chasing), tight (solid) and getting more grounded. The inward advanced (current) resistance (back-and-forth, strife) between of social/monetary qualities and our need to make a move, be forceful and confident, is additionally characterized by ill will between the do-it-without anyone’s help ers (Aries) and the we-are-in-this-together-swarm (Libra). Does any of this sound recognizable?

As though that was insufficient to manage, Race Day was the decision time (accurate association) for the Saturn/Uranus resistance that is right now giving us a fit. Saturn characterizes the past, Uranus characterizes the future, and restriction is a back-and-forth with the nation playing monkey in the center. The present state of affairs and change itself are secured a troublesome fight and it is happening directly on the point that speaks to our profound embodiment as a nation (Neptune). This has not been decent and won’t stop until the part of the bargain. Likewise the 2008 Decision Day Capricorn Moon (dependable feelings, feeling genuinely caught) was spot on the natal Pluto/Mercury resistance, making it a hot catch for the administration. The Decision Day’s vitality is the seed that will grow and create all through the term of any administration. I likewise thought that it was fascinating that the day’s Jupiter restricted advancing Jupiter and had been doing as such for some timeframe (our quick past). Would you be able to state that we experience experienced issues with abundance and qualification that really got up to speed to us and bit us right where it hurt? OK that is the nation to sum things up, shouldn’t something be said about the pioneers called to support?

President Obama’s natal Saturn (obligation, duty, commitment is spot on (conjunct) the USA natal Pluto (intensity of the nation) setting off that USA Mercury/Pluto natal resistance (amazing interchanges for good or for sick). Obama is endeavoring to bring truth, straightforwardness, and duty to our incredible interchanges. That fits. His own adapting aptitudes and open face (free, forward observing and astute) is found near the USA Moon (the individuals, our advanced, autonomous, remarkable characteristics). The USA’s and President Obama’s social and money related qualities are just about in lock step (conjunct).

President Obama’s advanced midheaven (current objectives, stature, desire) are inverse (clash) our national character. Hold up a moment, is that great? Think about a pencil with a composition tip toward one side and an eraser on the opposite end. You can’t squirm one part of the arrangement without the opposite end squirming in light of the fact that it is a pivot. Our national character has been destroyed for quite a long while. The President must play a functioning job to revive and mend that open injury and that can just happen under pressure. His advancing Saturn/Jupiter (obligation and development is spot on that USA natal Mercury/Pluto resistance (ground-breaking correspondence struggle) and will be there all through his administration. What’s more, my preferred association of all, his advancing Moon (his sentiments, feelings, feeling of group or more distant family) was so near our nation’s natal Moon (same watchwords) in the indication of Aquarius (future, change, freedom) that by Initiation Day they would merge…and they did. What’s more, there’s in every case more,

VP Biden is a contender transformed into an individual advantage for the man who crushed his fantasy of the administration. That is a genuine trial of character for VP Biden. He has joined that group (of adversaries) for the benefit of his nation, vowed his steadfastness to his rival the president and us, and is a completely partaking additional pair of hands for our leader and our nation. Great stuff here! VP Biden has his midheaven (objectives, aspirations, accomplishments) on the USA’s otherworldly quintessence and his Saturn/Uranus combination (obligation/imaginative agreeable) vitality directly on the USA purpose of autonomy (Uranus) and accomplishment (Midheaven), our natal Midheaven/Uranus combination. This happens on VP Biden’s place of organization. That works! His Jupiter (development, society everywhere) is spot on (conjunct) the USA Mercury (correspondence) again entering into that exercise we are learning right now, the utilization or abuse of amazing interchanges.

He has one other extremely significant advantage for our nation that I should make reference to. His place of individual power (Pluto) is joined to (conjunct) the USA’s North Hub (universal/multifaceted improvement); the man has most likely more worldwide information and accreditations than any other individual out there. Group Obama/Biden is a benefit for our nation. That nodal association I just referenced is reinforced by VP Biden’s advanced (current) diagram, drawing in his Mercury (correspondence), Sun (personality), Ascendant (adapting aptitudes and open face) and his Relative (organization and coalitions). That is an extremely solid example. His advanced association with our USA purpose of freedom and accomplishment is much more grounded. His advancing worth and monetary worth frameworks (Venus) sits directly on (conjunct) our dazzling Aquarius Moon (the individuals, sense group, family) with the Hubs tossed in for good measure (more to learn/do about culturally diverse relating) I think the man is certainly an advantage!

To wrap things up, the Obama/Biden Group. They are the two people who should likewise work as a group. The group has its own distinction and commitment. There are various hits and if at this point you’re cross-peered toward, which are my top choices? I like that the group’s Mercury (correspondence) is spot on (conjunct) our Sun (national character). We need somebody to be glad for us, speak to us sincerely and with incredible uprightness and not tell lies. I like that the group’s joint social and budgetary qualities (Venus) are spot on (conjunct) our own projection and adapting abilities (Ascendant). I like that the group’s desire to make a move (Mars) is on the USA purpose of duty and association. I like that the group’s Uranus (future direction, freedom, change) is spot on o

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