America – Free and Modern – The USA Aquarius-Uranus Subject

Three visionary subjects rehashed firmly all through my exploration directed a year ago on the USA nation and presidential sky maps. One was an otherworldly subject spoken to by the USA Neptune with 29 of 43 presidents associated with the USA profound vitality design. A subsequent topic was the amazing correspondence for good or for poorly spoken to by the Mercury/Pluto resistance in the USA sky map with 29 of 43 presidents associated. The third and most grounded topic was that of Aquarius or potentially Uranus associations, the subject of this article.

In a recently distributed article, America’s Correspondence Scrape – Our Mercury/Pluto Restriction, I portrayed the amazing correspondence for good or abhorrence subject. In a future article I will do likewise for the USA Neptune/otherworldliness subject. In this article, I will look at the USA Aquarius/Uranus topic that shows 32 of 43 associations in Aquarius in addition to 9 of 43 in the Aquarius extremity (resistance) of Leo leaving just two USA presidents without this particular association. As though that was not adequate, what’s more 18 of the 43 presidents associated straightforwardly to the USA Uranus.

I’m not catching my meaning by associations? By standard measure there are 360 degrees in any wheel or 360 for association and a bunch of potential association mixes. I picked 13 situations to be essential in the USA and the presidential maps: the ten physical nearby planetary group bodies, the midheaven, ascendant and lunar hub. The sky maps of our leaders each have a few of their own places that interface explicitly to the USA nation sky map. For the celestial prophets perusing this article, I utilized combination and restriction angles just with tight circles up to five degrees.

For what reason are these associations critical? Think about the a great many individuals that have been conceived since the initiation (or fairly before origin on account of the Establishing Fathers) of our nation on July 4, 1776. Just 43 of that tremendous number of individuals accepted the workplace of president, 43 men whose individual sky maps associated explicitly to at least one of the USA’s 13 essential focuses referenced. While not an analyst, I consider tight associations as explicit and enormous quantities of a particular association measurably critical.

For what reason would the Aquarius/Uranus associations be a significant topic to our nation? Aquarius is a sign and Uranus is a planet. The idea of the sign Aquarius is like the planet Uranus so the sign and the planet share a proclivity. Humanity as a gathering is an animal of propensity, managing with business as usual until it no long is valid and afterward looks for change. The pioneers who found America were daring people, travelers, looking for new terrains and asset and what they found was new and surprising by their own gauges. Investigation and disclosure is very Aquarian/Uranian in nature.

The pioneers who pursued the wayfarers were escaping religious mistreatment, some were indebted individuals, and some were looking for another life in another land. They came in incredibly little dispatches (I have seen the replication of the Mayflower) that crossed a huge waterway on an experience, without any inspection and totally obscure, betting on their activities. Once more, very Aquarian/Uranian in nature. Those pilgrims battled overpowering hardships and foes until they set up a foothold in what ended up being an enormous landmass of a nation. Keep in mind, these pioneers were for the most part transplanted Europeans. The size of our possible nation when contrasted with the little nations of Europe was a long ways past every pioneer’s most stunning minds.

In the long run we as a country were birthed through a procedure of defiance to our motherland, battling with the indigenous populace and other world forces of that time. The Progressive War is only sometimes portrayed as a common war, however it really was a common war. Family battled against family as loyalties were isolated between the numerous nations required, with reliability to the Crown or autonomy as a one of a kind country the reason for the division. You couldn’t portray Aquarius or Uranus any superior to that. We were conceived in freedom, we live with autonomy and we look for that autonomy for all of humanity. It is hard-wired into our temperament as a system. We look for the new, the irregular, change itself, forward and future situated, willing to take risks and hazard. Occasionally our development, progress or issues drive us into that regular advanced, hazard taking mode.

What sort of men would we select as pioneers over the a long time since our introduction to the world? Our nation and we as residents have changed significantly over those years. What we required right now of birth offered approach to advance and change and our requirements for a pioneer changed as we developed. We casted a ballot in those presidents who addressed the present need at the hour of the vote itself. As we study our history we wonder now and again ‘what had us to elect…” about specific presidents. From my examinations it doesn’t look like there were any mistakes. Each time we chose whom we required as president, we simply didn’t constantly like the outcome!

In any case, the Aquarian/Uranian subject itself has never showed signs of change. We are still hard-wired towards freedom and uniqueness, are forward looking for and chance taking and select those presidents that suit the developing situation.

Our introduction procedure has been drastically transformed from the Piscean season that the Establishing Fathers set up to an amazingly solid Aquarian flavor beginning with the second initiation of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was an Aquarian by birth, with Venus and Mercury in Aquarius too. As though that was insufficient associations with represent my point, the USA Uranus is associated also in President Roosevelt’s vitality map. That is four of 13 potential associations in a solitary presidential outline. All future consistently planned introductions will confirm this solid Aquarian subject except if Congress, in its interminable shrewdness, changes the principles once more. Introductions that happen outside of this established assignment will take on a trump card status.

I will go somewhat specialized for a minute for the real stargazers in this perusing group of spectators, one passage as it were. In the event that you are not a crystal gazer, if you don’t mind read gradually and rehash as required.

· Our present president, Barack Obama, has Aquarius ascending in addition to Jupiter and the lunar south hub in Aquarius, in addition to his Moon is near the USA Uranus. Obama’s topic is expectation and change and his standpoint is as long as possible and the future, both very Aquarian/Uranian.

· Obama’s debut sky guide held four planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune) in addition to the lunar north hub in Aquarius also (five of the 13 positions).

· The USA’s advanced guide (current nation need) for the date of President Obama’s debut gives debut Mercury conjunct the USA natal Aquarius Moon. Do you think the USA’s Aquarian/Uranian vitality is sufficient in this day and age?

· As though that isn’t sufficient, Obama’s assignment diurnal shows Neptune and the lunar north hub in Aquarius, that lunar hub on his natal Ascendant and the Neptune on the USA natal Moon.

· President Obama’s decision day diurnal shows four situations in Aquarius: the Moon, Neptune, midheaven and lunar north hub in addition to the diurnal Ascendant is on the USA Uranus.

With this number of, kind of and tight associations, you can’t persuade me this is all occurrence or that the universe doesn’t know precisely what it is doing. I don’t put stock in that sort of incident.

So what have we found out about the USA, about the decision and introduction process and the Aquarian/Uranian subject that is hard-wired into our nation and our residents? Above all else, there is no fortuitous event that we as a people are autonomous, defiant, cutting edge and hazard taking in nature since it is obviously spoken to in our nation’s vitality design. We need it not just for ourselves as people and as a nation, yet for the world on the loose. That USA natal Uranus is roosted on our nation’s midheaven that speaks to our main goal or objectives, our stature, validity and notoriety on the planet. In the event that we will lecture autonomy and independence and attempt to impart it on the planet everywhere, we have to live it, respect it and ensure it is openly given. It is very conceivable that autonomy may not take the structure we imagine. That is the idea of distinction. Uranus doesn’t play by anybody’s principles however its own. Aquarius demonstrates the estimations of the group with their eyes on what’s to come.

Marilyn Muir, creator, “Leaders of Expectation and Change: Carrying Would like to our Future by Venturing into our Celestial Past.”

How crystal gazing predicts our country’s future by venturing into our past.

Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama… The Ancestry of Expectation Utilizing the compelling and interlaced cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto to foresee issues and patterns up to 2012 and even past to 2025, Ms Muir leaves us with the reasonable message of expectation as she delineates the eventual fate of President Obama in charge of the USA ship of state.

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